Monday, June 3, 2013

First day out

I want to use this blog to communicate with friends, students, customers and anyone else interested in making sculpture. I'll put up images of things I am working on and hopefully we can get images posted of work by other artists.  I look forward to discussing technical issues and have some articles in mind on mold making and foundry practices I want to write and publish here.  This blog will be linked to my facebook page, youtube, and my website.  Several viewers of the tutorial videos on making a clay portrait head  have written posted questions there about the materials and techniques shown in the videos.  I will be able to give more complete answers here on the blog that I can on youtube.  It will also be a good place to collect information  on questions about techniques and materials for making sculpture from other sculptors.

This is my first attempt at making a blog, I expect that my approach will change a lot as I figure out how to go about it in the most fun and effective way. 

Here are a couple of pieces I just put up on facebook today.  the one on top is about 31" tall and made of bronze. The one on the bottom I will be casting in paper.  I made it last night and will start molding it later today.  I'll put photos of the process up here on the blog.

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